Iran- An activist teacher convicted to public flogging

According to reports from Iran, A court in the city of Shahreza, south of Isfahan, central Iran, condemned Hamid Rahmati, A member of the Isfahan Teachers Association, to three years in prison and 74 lashes. The court, issuing its sentence on Thursday, July 4th., for what the despotic ruling establishment describes as “disrupting the public order.”

Upon the court ruling, Mr. Rahmati is forced to spend ten months of his prison term in a prison in the city of Naeen, 150 kilometers east of Isfahan.
The flogging sentence will be carried out inside Shahreza prison in front of all other prisoners.
The regime uses this inhuman and the degrading tactic to intimidate other prisoners from protesting or speaking against the system.
In another inhuman and degrading act, the clerical regime ruling Iran condemned another prisoner in Ahwaz, southern Iran, to flogging in public. This vicious sentence was deliberately carried out on the streets of Ahwaz, and in public to install fear among locals and spread a sense of intimidation.
However, the people condemned this brutal act and refrained from going to the square to watch this barbaric punishment and not even one person showed up to watch the flogging.

The regime has invented more than 70 methods of torture, including severing hands and feet, gouging eyes, pressing prisoners’ heads with the vise, and rape (especially against women).
Ayatollah Montazeri, Khomeini's heir apparent said on October 9, 1986: “Do you know many were killed under torture by interrogators? Do you know many prisoners were blinded, deafened, paralyzed or suffer chronic pains due to severe torture?”
The regime created cage-like cells, where prisoners were kept for as long as 7 months.
The regime executed 120,000 political prisoners, including even 13-year-old teenagers
Ayatollah Montazeri said: “Execution of 13- or 14-year-old girls is horrifying.”
Mollahassani, Khomeini's representative in Urmia, said on December 23, 2000: “[Khomeini] said: If the prisoners are even one million, I will order to open fire on them and massacre them in one night."
Under Khomeini's orders, prison guard extracted prisoners' blood before executing them.

Additionally, the health conditions of one of the targeted women, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe a British-Iranian dual citizen who has been detained in Iran since 3 April 2016., have deteriorated in prison. Meanwhile, Richard Ratcliffe, husband of another targeted Iranian woman.

Kidnapping and hostage-taking have been some of the main tools of the clerical regime to advance their policies.
The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran once again calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, and other defenders of human rights and women’s rights to condemn decisively the Iranian regime’s abduction and hostage-taking. It further calls for urgent action to free Mrs. Nazanin Zaghari.

In the meantime THE HILL, a political Website published in Washington DC. revealed few of the clerical regime's methods to suppress Iranians on 07/06/19. The Hill wrote that Torture, which pervades the judicial process from beginning to end, serves many purposes for the Iranian regime. It deters Iranians from protesting for their rights in the first place. As one student who feared attending demonstrations remarked, “Before, you might be afraid that they would take you to jail for the day. Now, you are afraid that they will beat you and cut you.”
Additionally, Iranian courts routinely accept coerced confessions, incentivizing torture to secure convictions — and sometimes death sentences — for crimes real or imagined. Last September, the regime executed three young Kurdish Iranians. UN human rights monitors claimed the three were compelled to “confess” after being beaten, put in stress positions, and threatened with rape. Just two months ago, Tehran executed two 17-year-old boys after reportedly flogging them until they “confessed.”
Not content with using torture to aid prosecutions, the regime employs it to punish the convicted, including by executing them. Capital-punishment methods include stoning, throwing them from a height to their deaths, and even hanging from cranes — a punishment in which, as Vice reports, “the condemned is slowly lifted from the ground by his neck and left to dangle in the noose” and consequently “[i]t can take more than 20 minutes to die.” Punishments for lesser crimes include blinding, amputation, and flogging.

The U.S. and other Western countries should act against Iran’s use of torture not only out of the commitment to human rights, but because the regime is using this tactic against Americans and other Westerners.
According to the international media, The Iranian communities in cities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean have gathered to condemn human rights violations in Iran. They hold a rally in Brussels, Washington DC and in Berlin. According to the news media, 15000 people participated in the Berlin Grand Rally.
Prominent politicians such as Patrick Kennedy, former US Congressman, Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian presidential candidate, Thomas Nord, German Member of Parliament, Eduard Lintner, former German deputy Interior Minister, Stephan von Dassel, Mayor of Berlin-Mitte, Senator Jerry Horgan of Ireland, Michał Kamiński, Polish Member of Parliament, and Leo Dassenberg, chairman of Free Iran's Committee in Germany and a former member of the federal parliament spoke at the rally.

They instead that any concession to this regime, with any justification, has only one consequence: increasing the prospect of a catastrophic war by the clerics. Each trade euro with the clerics is a euro for fueling the Khamenei repression and war machine.
The participants asked Mrs. Merkel to lead a special initiative against the Mullahs’ regime for human rights violations at the European level, including stopping persecution, execution and killing prisoners under torture and setting up an international delegation to visit Iranian prisons and political prisoners.


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