Shocking moment water well sinks into ground without a trace

This is the terrifying moment a water well sinks completely into the ground in less than a minute.

As horrified people watch, the perimeter of the well first caves in. A few moments later the concrete circular well also collapses into the ground and vanishes into a pool of water.

The incident occurred in Ambukuthi village in Wayanad district in South India on July 9.

The well, which was a few generations old, was a popular landmark and fondly called ‘Muthassi Kinar’ (Granny’s well).

Local residents said the well sunk due to heavy monsoon rains, which have ravaged the district over last three weeks.

Eyewitnesses said a strange sound started emanating from inside the well on the morning of July 9. As many gathered near the well, it sunk right in front their eyes.

N Karthikeyan, 63, of Kalpetta said: “It is not rare for old wells to cave in when it rains heavily. Last year, a well had similarly sunk in Kannur about 100 km from here.”



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