Scooter stuntman able to parasail his Vespa to world record over Austrian lake

Scooter stuntman extraordinaire Guenter Schachermayr attempted his latest motorised feat by parasailing on his Vespa over a lake in Austria.

Filmed on the shores of Lake Wolfgang in central Austria on September 14, Schachermayr allowed himself to be lifted 75 metres in the air while riding his specially-designed Vespa scooter.

The flight ended when the Vespa lost speed and its 145kg weight struck the water, leaving a laceration on Schachermayr's right ankle and totalled the Vespa.

Reportedly the stunt took two years of preparation with a sail capable of flying in winds over 60 km/h. Similarly, a sports boat with 380 horsepower and hooked with a 95-metre-long fibre rope was used to tow the Vespa.

Schachermayr commented: "Suddenly the wind had turned and my (dragon) began to lose altitude until the impact on Lake Wolfgang.

"I then broke away from the Vespa and was able to get to safety in time on the 2 boats which hurried as a backup boat. The Vespa did not fare so well that it did not survive and has been flooded and badly damaged.

"A boat has then fished me out of the Lake Wolfgang and could bring me back to land."

Schachermayr hopes to set a world record for the daredevil flight and hopes to perform more and more amazing stunts in the future.


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