Bastille day

I heard a boom in the street outside. A man wearing a sweater with hood had just thrown something in a BMW nearby.
There was only some little flames so I took my extinguisher and went there. It took me just 1 minutes to go outside but that was already too late. That thing the guy thrown in the car was a Molotov cocktail and the flames are now too big.

Le 14 juillet as we call it (French people don't call it Bastille day) has become a shit day for some years now. The annual car burning day!
But this year is very special as thousands of Algerian football/soccer fans are cheering and rioting in our cities because Algeria beat Nigeria at the Africa Cup. They also won 3 days ago and a mum was killed and her baby is in critical condition after being mown down by an Algerian football fan’s car,

Tonight there are more Algerian flags than French flags on the Champs Elysée!
On our national day ffs !



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