Chernobyl, Anatoly Dyatlov’s real interview (English)

Most of us by now have seen the immensely popular and quite well done (with caveats) docudrama "Chernobyl" made by HBO.

Having read several books about the incident and seen just about every documentary on the topic I think it's a well made docudrama, although like any Hollywood attempt to turn a documentary into a docudrama, it falls short in some respects. The composite woman character is one failing and another I'm coming to see is the portrayal of Anatoly Dyatlov. By any standard based upon what we see in this series, he certainly seem to be a First Class Asshole.

Several days ago I found an interesting interview, just recently converted with English subs.

If you're like me and want to devour everything you can about this incident, it would behoove you to watch this interview.

Question to keep in mind: does the demeanor of the man you see interviewed here strike you as in any way like he was portrayed in the film?

Like all human dramas, people love and need a guy to point a finger at. It's part of human nature. We all do it.

This is pretty long so you want to just save it to favs and watch it on the TV or whatever when you've got an hour but I'm hoping some of guys and gals would want to see this as part of what we spent the last month or so watching and for some of us, have spent years reading about.

I'm curious about what others think about the series, this interview and I'm also paging our resident and esteemed expert on everything nuclear ( @IrishLincoln ) as I value his opinion and would love to get his take not only the series, but this interview and the incident itself.

Enjoy, gentlemen, ladies. It's a good Saturday afternoon watch if you've got an hour to spend.


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