Restored Soviet WWII Vehicles

Some rare restored vehicles of Soviet Red Army from WWII in the Museum of National Military History. In Russian.
For non Russian speakers:

0:28 BA-64 -armored scout car
0:32 Willys MB -lend&lease US car
0:35 ChT-26 (OT-26) -light flamethrower tank
0:41 ISU-122 -heavy assault gun
0:43 BA-6 -armored scout car
0:47 SU-85 -assault gun
0:52 Infantry tank Mk III Valentine -lend&lease British tank
0:55 Su-76 -self propelled gun
1:06 probably TIZ AM-600 motorcycle
1:09 T-60 -light tank
1:18 T-20 Komsomolets -armored prime mover with 45 mm anti-tank gun in tow
1:26 T-34 85 -medium tank
1:35 BM-13 Katyusha -multiple rocket launcher

In detail:

1:57 ChT-26 (OT-26) -light flamethrower tank
Based on T-26 light tank chassis, which in turn was modification of "Vickers 6-Ton" -British tank which Soviets bought production license of in 30s. Restored after being buried in the ground for 70 years. Only exemplar in existence.

13:20 T-26 -light tank
In 30s Soviets bought British "Vickers 6-Ton" tank along with license. These tanks were produced for export by Vickers company and did not enter British service, but were popular abroad. Soviets produced several modifications of these tanks, including this with two machine gun turrets. On the left is version with 45mm gun in a single turret, which was by far the best and most successful version of Vickers 6-Ton ever produced. Soviet union produced them in very large numbers and they saw combat in Spanish Civil War, battles of Khalkhin Gol and Winter War. At the start of Barbarossa -German attack on the Soviet Union they still constituted large part of Soviet tank forces but were already too obsolete.

18:26 BA-6 -armored scout car
Armored car from 30s with 45mm gun based on GAZ-AAA truck, which in turn was based on 6x4 Ford trucks build in USSR under license. Only 3 such vehicles still exist.

21:55 ISU-122 -heavy assault gun
Chassis from IS-2 heavy tank with 122mm gun mounted on top that entered service in 1944. Good at blasting fortifications and German Panther and Tiger tanks from 2km away.



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