- One Lucky DUMBASS! -

Feb 23, 2020 - This NUMBNUT was driving along with another vehicle when he suddenly swerved to his right. The idiot drove off of the roadway and hit a power pole.....shearing it, (insert Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice), he sheared it, "Cleeeeean off."

The one-ball wonder then traveled through a fence and along the top of a storm runoff channel, landing nose-down into the channel.

Mr. Numbnut extricated himself from the car but remained next to his car due to a fear of electrocution from downed power lines. The victim was checked by a firefighter paramedic and was only sore from the impact of the crash. The road remained closed 'til the power lines were cleared from the road.
He was tested and arrested for DUI. Power -remains out- for approx 50 homes.



By: Homer Hart (9271.60)

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Location: California, USA