Pickup truck rolls backwards into traffic after owner left the handbrake off

This is the shocking moment a pickup truck rolled backwards across a busy road after the owner forgot to put on the handbrake.

CCTV from a nearby store recorded the vehicle slowly moving into the road with passing cars in Ratchaburi, central Thailand on November 18.

The truck caused panic among vendors and passers-by after it hit the stall on the opposite side of the road before coming to a full stop.

Sunan Sripetch, 64, said she was selling sweet desserts when the unmanned vehicle narrowly missed her.

She said: "I started running after seeing the car coming close. When it stopped I went and checked the car and was shocked to find there was no one inside.”

Police that arrived at the scene suspected that the driver might have forgotten to put on the parking brake, which caused the car to slip.

Police Major General Pratchaya Prasansuk said: “The car caused a lot of damage. We must find the driver and question him about it and have him pay for the damages as well.''


By: NewsFlare (104085.00)

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