Bungling bachelor rescued by firemen after getting stuck in the bathroom

A bungling bachelor had to be rescued by four firemen after accidentally locking himself in the shower.

Hapless Aizad Chan, who was alone when it happened, was preparing for bed when the bathroom door slammed behind him on May 7.

The young man tried forcing the door for almost an hour before deciding to call the 999 for help.

Red-faced Aizad was finally freed in the early hours of the morning (May 5) after firemen arrived at his home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Aizad said: "I waited for like 30 minutes and the Bomba arrived. They couldn’t open the door either so they had to bust it down.

''To those who ask why he took a phone into the bathroom, I would say what is a shower without a little concert, if you know what I mean?''

The firemen were able to easily enter his home because he forgot to lock the front doors that night.

He was able to come out after the firemen removed the shower doorknob.


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