Body Language: Trump On Iran Strike

If you can listen between the lines not much mentioned until about the 3:45 mark where Trump starts to warn the holy men that if it was a lose cannon , rogue general that gave the order, it is unfortunate BUT goes on to say if a US servicemen is a casualty in the next escalated, calculated attack , the shit is gonna get real . That's what I heard , Trump highly values american lives over those knuckle draggers that still scream "death to america" to their fundMENTAList muslim flocks
Have a preemptive Happy Fourth of July when the time arrives

poll: Should Iran continue to press and poke the hornet nest?

NO. The world is watching
YES, john kerry assured them it's the right thing to do at the right time...
when Iran pokes again, blame Trump, not the holy dictators who din du nuffim
When iran pokes again... boom boom, out go the lights and China better deal with their oil supplier if they threaten any ships again


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