Armed group robs Mercedes of 6M rubles ( € 85.000 / 93,000 USD )

" Six unidentified men opened fire and attacked the driver of a foreign car in Moscow and robbed him of 6 million rubles.

According to a law enforcement source, the robbery occurred on Leninsky Prospekt. Criminals have blocked the road to the victim on three vehicles, fired several shots from an unidentified weapon and struck the driver. Then the attackers grabbed bags with money and fled the scene. One of the vehicles used in the attack was found abandoned by police.

Law enforcers have introduced a plan "Interception" to apprehend suspects in the robbery. "

(( 6 million Rubles = EUR 85.000 / 93,000 USD ))
Happened on Ocober 14th in Moscow, Russia



By: plakka (1958.20)

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