Man taken out by Wills Point officers after refusing to drop knives, scissors

A man was taken out by Wills Point officers after he refused to drop two large knives and a pair of scissors during a Wednesday morning incident, according to the department’s Facebook post.

Just before 5:50 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 900 block of Howell St. in reference to two suspicious males with weapons and who was possibly under the influence of narcotics.

After arriving on scene, officers witnesses a Hispanic man walking in the middle of the roadway with two large knives and a pair of scissors.

The man refused to comply with officers and continued to pace alongside the roadway swinging his arms in a stabbing motion. He also refused to speak to officers other than stating words that were unable to be understood.

After he was non-compliant for over 20 minutes, a plan was put in place by the Wills Point Police Department and the Van Zandt Sheriff’s Office to use non-lethal weapons to take down the subject.

The less than lethal 37 mm impact weapon consisted of projecting a bean bag round of ammunition striking the subject as he continued to advance officers. The subject continued to advance at which a second-round was released projecting a sock round of ammunition toward him.

As he still did not comply and continued to advance, a flash-bang diversionary device was then released in which officers were able to tase the subject causing him to drop his weapons as law enforcement rushed toward him and brought him to the ground.

The subject was taken to a local medical center to be treated then booked into the Van Zandt County Jail.



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Location: Van Zandt County Jail.