Pelosi On the Move: The New DC Buzz Word is "Equity"

Washington, DC -- Gathering together various social justice groups during a web call, Speaker Pelosi speaks about "Equity" as a key word to be used in all things. She is always seeking new ways to label old ideas and Equity is precisely that.

In political circles the word does not mean equity in the sense of dollars. It means the use of dollars to produce equal results. An good example would be a 4 foot wall and two people. One is 6 foot and the other is 3 feet tall. The 6 foot man needs no help and receives none but the 3 foot man needs and gets a 2 foot ladder. At the same time, A wealthy man can pay for 2 foot ladders where a poor man cannot.

Since the political goal is to have all see over the wall of success, the wealthy man needs no ladder but buys all the ladders and the poor man gets the ladder but pays nothing. Thus, the wealthy man is a little less wealthy and the poor man is a little less poor.

See how wonderful that is...those who can do as much as they are able and the poor man receives as much as he needs.

A famous man once summed it as "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

A Communist Manifesto by Marx takes about an hour to read. If you like to better understand what is happening right now, you should skip jeopardy and wheel of fortune tomorrow night and read it.


By: Low UFO (6181.90)

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