Remember Christopher Columbus

It this age of political correctness where many states and cities in the United States are abandoning Columbus Day in favor of holidays like so-called “Native American Day”.
I for one believe Christopher Columbus (October 1451 – May 1506) is worthy of a national holiday. Let us recount his achievements. Columbus lead an expedition westward across the Atlantic in the belief that the world was not flat and was round and in sailing westward he would arrive in India. This was in an age in which science (such as it was back then) and faith said the world was flat and ended with a drop into an abyss. It seems funny to us today but imagine what guts it took to sail a ship with a small chance of reaching India even if Columbus was right. There were other perils storms, hunger, disease accidents. All of these could have catastrophically ended his expedition. Yet he persevered and found the new world.

Critics have charged Columbus with bringing slavery and colonization to the new world. But Columbus did not invent slavery nor human greed. Slavery existed long before Columbus and yes was even practiced by the so-called “indigenous people”.
However, Columbus did inaugurate an age of exploration that created a concept of an entire world and not a flat one covered in Darkness.

Detractors would say Columbus brought disaster to the indigenous peoples. I say the indigenous people benefited from the arrival of Columbus. Would they be better living in their system of superstition dancing to make it rain? Cutting out human hearts to please the angry gods? The religions of the indigenous peoples were no better nor worse than that practiced by Spain (and Portugal).

Without Columbus would there be a United States of America, the first nation in which democracy flourished and rule by monarchy overthrown? No Columbus then maybe there would be Brazil, no Argentina and a host of other nations that are now renown for the diversity of their peoples.

Columbus’ discovery of the new world was astounding achievement for mankind just as the landing on the moon.


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