Ventura Boulevard Malicious Undercover Bolshevik Spy: Studio City, Calfiornia. Criminal Street Signaling-ADL SPY

OY VEY: Right in front of the "traffic ticket repair" law firm! L'chaim! Pleeezzzeee: More free Soros cash, ADL-distributed incentives, and hooorrrrs walking up and down Ventura Boulevard ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG with "extra-black-law-enforcement-evading sunglasses and prostitute clothing" with narcotice backpacks stapped, and boobs FLOPPING all over the down place without braws. CAN YOU SAY "UNDERCOVER"?? THE GOYIM KNOW- SHUT IT DOWN, LOL!! QUICK: "Put your hand over your head"!! CRIMINAL STREET SIGNAL, CRIMINAL STREET SIGNAL. "Remove your aztec baseball cap really quick and replace it really quick" STREET SIGNAL, STREET SIGNAL, LOL!!


By: Antishabbosgoyite (190.90)

Tags: Studio City Undercover, Studio City Spy, ADL Spy, Shomrim, Shomer, Narcotics Selling Agent. Subway Spy, jewish-endrosed, jewish narcotics, the goyim know, shut it down, bad goy

Location: Los Angeles, Ca