Angry man attacks gas station with jars of snakes after he was refused petrol

A man released five snakes, including two deadly cobras, inside in a gas station in western India after the owner refused to serve him.

The man, who is yet to be unidentified, and his friend had gone to buy petrol at Choudhary Petrol Pump in Buldhana, Gujarat, on July 13 at around 4:00pm.

The man wanted to buy petrol to fill a bottle, however due to commercial establishments being shut down in Buldhana after 3:00 pm in response to COVID-19 virus, the staff refused.

After a heated argument, the angry man, who was carrying the snakes, released them at the gas station to attack the staff.

CCTV cameras at the petrol pump show the man going to three cabins occupied by the owner Sarika Shoudhary and her staff and releasing the snakes.

Sarika and her staff rushed out to escape the snakes and then called another rescuer, Shriram Rasal, to catch the reptiles.

She has filed a complaint with the police who are looking for the man.


By: NewsFlare (83859.00)

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Location: India