Detention of one of the attackers on the mosques was filmed

The driver witnessed the arrest of a suspect in an attack on a mosque in New Zealand Christchurch . The authorities have already called the incident a terrorist attack, the victims of which were, according to the latest data, 40 people, reports New Zeland Herald .

The targets of the four intruders were mosques in Lynwood (a suburb of Christchurch) and on Deans Avenue. In the first, 10 parishioners became victims of armed terrorists, 30 in the second, and more than 40 people were injured.

One of the attackers, according to police, was a 28-year-old native of the Australian Grafton Brenton Tarrant, who conducted a live broadcast from his camera. Weapons in his hands and ammunition were painted with key dates of the struggle with the Muslims. A few hours before the bloody raid, the man published a 37-page neo-Nazi manifesto.

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jasinda Ardern called March 15 the blackest day in the history of the country. According to her, the police detained four suspects, one of them hit the video. On shots from Brugam Street (Christchurch’s main street), one can see how servants of the law, under the threat of using weapons, take a certain man out of a car pressed to the side of the car, then lay him on the ground and beat him.

Ardern reported that two bombs had been attached to the suspects' cars, but experts had deactivated them.


By: ThisIsButter (30650.10)

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand