Man Donates Mom's Body to Science, Body Ends Up Being Blown to Pieces in Military Test

Jim Stauffer donated his mother's body to an Arizona center for Alzheimer's research only to find out it was sold on to the US Military for $6,000, strapped to a chair and blown up in 'Blast Test.'
Doris Stauffer, 73, died in hospice care following a several year battle with Alzheimer’s, despite doctors saying she didn’t carry the gene for the disease.
Medical officials feared the disease may have mutated and hoped to study her brain after her death but her neurologist was unable to accept her remains
Finally, her son settled on the Biological Resource Center (BRC) in Maricopa County and signed an agreement to donate Doris' brain to Alzheimer's research
Days later he received a wooden box labelled with his mother’s ashes and an ID number - but it was later discovered to contain just the ashes of just her hand
The rest of her remains were sold to the US Military, strapped into a chair and blown up in a 'blast test' to study what happens to humans in cars hit by IED's

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By: Sasha The Bear (650.30)

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