Zagreb 'safer' with Chuck Norris statue in local cafe

A bar in Zagreb named after US action hero Chuck Norris unveiled a statue of the actor on Saturday.

The Norris Cafe, decorated with images of Chuck Norris and other movie stars, unveiled a 1.8 metre - tall (5'10) statue of the actor on the day of his 78th birthday. "He looks after our cafe, and we are safer here since yesterday," joked one of the Norris Cafe waiters.

Chuck Norris was one of the best martial arts fighters of his generation and subsequently became an action movie star, fighting alongside famed US actors such as Bruce Lee. Later in his career, he became one of the first internet sensations for the so-called ‘Chuck Norris facts’ which document fictional and often absurd feats that have been with him.


By: Ruptly (28497.00)

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Location: Zagreb