Tense moment US biker searches for anti-venom after getting bit by poisonous Copperhead SNAKE

This is the tense moment Marshall Mosher was forced to calmly search for anti-venom after getting bit by a poisonous copperhead SNAKE while mountain biking on a trail network in Atlanta.

Unable to see the snake, Mosher had to force the reptile out of a log to find out what anti-venom he needed.

He then calls Poison Control, who directed him to 911, and later Northside Hospital, who then had to get in touch with a pharmacist, all while trying to remain calm.

“Do you think we have time to do one more loop before I pass out? That’ll give me some time to figure out whether I’m dying or not," Mosher is heard joking.

Mosher (@marshallmosher) said: "I think there are some great lessons to share. During an afternoon mountain bike ride on the local Atlanta Sope Creek Trail system, I stopped to grab a delicious Oyster Mushroom on a trailside log, felt a small prick in my ankle, jumped back, and noticed a tan-colored snake slithering into a log right next to me.

"I looked at my ankle to see two pinprick drops of blood appear. I started to realize that I had been bitten by this mystery snake but without getting a good look at it, I was blind to the treatment I might need.

"Going to the hospital without knowing what anti-venom you need is not a good situation. So, I had two challenges: get the snake out of the log to find out what it is (without getting bitten again or hurting the snake), and find out which medical facility has the right anti-venom."

He continued: "When faced with challenges, both in business and life, nothing is as important as calm focus in the presence of fear. As you see above, try to joke about the situation; it will defuse the fear. Rapid prototype without compromising safety. Use technology and the tools around you to be as fast and efficient as possible. Constantly reassess the situation, monitor changes, and gather data that may lead to valuable insight."

Luckily, Mosher suffered a "dry bite" meaning no venom was injected.

"After 30 minutes of consistently rechecking the bite site and some amazingly helpful info from expert snake friends like @andrewbrownson we determined it must have been what’s called a 'dry bite,' so I got a prescription for antibiotics and avoided what would have been a painful ER bill."



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