Russia: Defence Ministry test-launches Bulava and Sineva ballistic missiles

Russia’s Ministry of Defence test-launched submarine-based ballistic missiles ‘Bulava’ and ‘Sineva’ from a polar region in the Arctic Ocean and from the Barents Sea on Saturday.

Footage released by MoD shows Russia's newest solid-fueled missiles RSM-56 Bulava being launched from Yuriy Dolgorukiy’s submarine.

According to the Defence Ministry’s statement: “On August 24, in accordance with the combat training plan, launches of sea-based ballistic missiles Sineva and Bulava were successfully carried out from the strategic missile submarine Tula and the strategic missile submarine Yuriy Dolgorukiy respectively”.

The missiles successfully hit their targets in the Arkhangelsk Region and Kamchatka.

The launch comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered ‘symmetrical’ response to US missile test which took place on August 18th.

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By: PressTV (19476.60)

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Location: Barents Sea