Cop (Soldier) tells Me that the picnic table is not my home. Lewiston, Idaho

These cops are more trained for the front lines of a war zone than actual blue line balancing of community issues.

The cops in Idaho have perverted the "broken windows theory", which I believe came out of (and ended in) New York. Instead of questioning the effectiveness of "community policing" they have taken it to a new level and participate in dances, playing basketball, tennis, giving gifts and whatever else they think will delight the public into thinking the cops are such good people.

But this political pandering to the public is causing massive invention and stretching of the laws by both the rookies and veterans in law enforcement. The Patriot Act has turned these cops into soldiers and they are not handling themselves very well with this approach.



By: Travis William Heinze (360.10)

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Location: Lewiston, Idaho