Neighborhood dogs maul deer - Vertical Video Warning

Around 7:30pm on 4/29/2019 two aggressive dogs mauled a deer. The attack took place in the River Ranch subdivision of El Jebel, CO.

While sitting outside on his porch neighbor, a man heard an unusual sound of an animal in distress. Hurrying into his backyard, he found two large dogs, off-leash, bringing down the medium sized female deer.

The man's spouse immediately grabbed her phone and recorded the incident as it unfolded. The gruesome video captured the moment the dogs mortally wounded the deer and the helplessness of the dog’s owners to stop the attack.

An Eagle County, Colorado sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene after a 911 call was placed but it was too late. Later the case was turned over to the department of Eagle County Animal Services division.

This is not the first time the dogs have behaved this way, the man claims. About two years ago one of the dogs killed a fawn. “These dogs have come into my yard a dozen times. They come after me, my wife and my guests.”



By: US_Grant (3.40)

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