Surveillance video shows aggressive man punch courthouse security officer

Security surveillance video from inside the Hamilton County Courthouse from May 4th, when a man is seen punching a security officer.

In the security video, you can see the suspect, now identified as Donald Trivett, arguing with two security officers. He then starts punching one of them.

According to an arrest affidavit, he's accused of grabbing a pistol from one of the men. Once the men hit the ground, you can see the suspect grabbing at the hip of the man in the white shirt.

It doesn't take long for more officers to get called in for back up.

In the second video we received, you can see a different view of officers carrying him out of the courthouse.

He was later booked on assault and weapons charges.

Trivett bonded out of the Hamilton County Jail and is now due in Hamilton County Sessions Court on May 26th.



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