Golden retriever attacked by black swan when swimming in lake in China

A golden retriever was attacked by a black swan when it was swimming in a lake in southern China.

The video, captured in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province on November 15, shows an aggressive black swan swimming towards the dog named Xi Shi who was paddling in the lake, then pecking at it violently.

The dog's owner screamed and repeatedly shouted at the golden retriever: "Xi Shi, come here!"

The black swan did not stop attacking until the dog swam to the side of the lake.

However, Xi Shi jumped into the water again to play after her owner pulled her out of it.

According to the dog's owner, Xi Shi liked to play in the water and she was attacked by a black swan last year. Fortunately, she was not injured.


By: NewsFlare (93672.00)

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