Police release bodycam footage of fatal August shooting of Ogden man

Ogden Police have released a brief video of a fatal police shooting that took place in Ogden last month.

On Wednesday afternoon, the department made a video public that depicts the shooting of 26-year-old Ogden man Jovany Mercado, who was shot by four police officers on Friday, Aug. 16.

Police said in a press release that dispatchers received a call from a home near the 800 block of 32nd Street in Ogden. The caller reported that a man with a knife approached a group having a party in their yard. Later, the caller said the man wielding a knife was searching vehicles.

When three Ogden patrol cars with four officers arrived on scene shortly before 9 p.m., they approached the man, later identified as Mercado, who was reportedly holding a knife. This is where the video begins.

As the video begins, there is a moment where there is no audio before the officer, whose identity was not available as of Wednesday afternoon, appears to push a button to activate the sound recording on the body camera. The officer appears to already have his gun out and pointed at Mercado.

Officers begin yelling for Mercado to put down what police believe to be a knife in his hand. Mercado is standing at the back of what appears to be a garage structure and walks toward officers as they continue to shout instructions. Separating the officers and Mercado is a fence, with a gate partially open.

Mercado continues to walk toward the officers, and the police continue to shout commands. The officer wearing the body camera, as well as the other officers, back up away from the fence.

As Mercado walks past the opening in the fence, officers open fire. Mercado falls to the ground and rolls onto his back, which is where the video ends.

Mercado was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.



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