Drunk man rolled on a T-55 tank in a Polish city

An unusual signal was received last week by the police of the Polish city of Pahenchno - local residents called on them to stop a tank ride around the city with naughty passengers on armor, Rzecz Pospolita reports . Witnesses filmed military equipment on video.

The first bell rang around 21:40 on June 13, and after about 20 minutes, law enforcement officers found a parked T-55 parked in the middle of the central street, and a drunken driver and passenger next to it. A 49-year-old man who ran a Polish military tank owned a man who, after sobering up, said that the armored vehicles were being transported on a tractor, but he broke down and had to be unloaded for the time being to repair it. In order not to waste time, the comrades decided to test the combat vehicle, the more so one of them had control experience.

Judging by the lack of accidents and injured cars, the race turned out to be successful, moreover, several eyewitnesses joined him as they swept through the armor. Tank until five in the morning the next day remained in the middle of the road, until another soldier drove it to the towing vehicle.

A remote driver faces up to two years in prison for drunk driving, if the police find that the incident threatened other car owners, then it could be a term of up to eight years.


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Location: Pahenchno