US cop misses drunk shoplifter, shoots his Mum instead

South Carolina police have released bodycam footage that shows the moment an officer accidentally shot the of a 'drunk' man who allegedly shoplifted from a store.
According to the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, the incident occurred on October 20 at Sean Theodore Kaiser's home in Greer around 12.30pm.
Officers were called to a Spinx store where employees showed footage of an intoxicated man as he allegedly shoplifted from the business.
When police reviewed the surveillance footage, the deputy recognized the man as Kaiser.
The deputy said that officers had responded to Kaiser's home regarding a non-violent domestic situation between him and his earlier that day.
Video shows moments later the deputy pulls her weapon and points it at Kaiser who is now seen sitting on the staircase once again as his attempts to calm him down.
The officer orders the woman to move out of the way.
Kaiser is then seen springing to his feet and lunging at the deputy who fired her gun once, striking the man's .
The woman is heard screaming in pain as Kaiser continues lunging at the deputy, who fires two more shots. Neither bullet strikes Kaiser.
A back up officer arrives to the scene and helps the deputy arrest Kaiser.
The deputy was taken to a hospital with a concussion and the man's was treated at a local hospital as well.
Kaiser was charged with resisting arrest with assault, battery and assault of a high and aggravated nature and shoplifting.


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Location: South Carolina, USA