Giant inflatable Trump rat carried through New York's Times Square

An inflatable rat made in the image of US President Donald Trump is carried through Times Square in New York City on Saturday (January 9).

The rat was designed by artists New York gallery owner John Post Lee, part of the BravinLee art duo, who describe it on their website as "classic satire." It has previously made an appearance outside the White House and Trump Tower in New York.

Writing in the Washington Post in 2017, Michael Cavna wrote of the inflatable rat: "There’s the tangerine-tinted skin. The buttercream half-bouffante. The long red tie. Everything looks like standard-issue Trump caricature — till you get to the teeth. They jut out like a rodent’s, as if for chewing up opponents or gnawing on one’s own political tail."


By: NewsFlare (105159.00)

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