Video shows dog attacking horses before being shot by mounted deputy

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has released surveillance of the moments before a mounted deputy shot and killed a dog that had charged at horses following Saturday's Gasparilla parade.

HCSO said the shows the pit bull charging at the law enforcement horses multiple times on Bayshore Blvd.

"The dog can be seen jumping up, attempting to bite one of the horses in its sheath," the sheriff's office said. "At one point the dog successfully bit a horse on its lower leg where a protective covering was located."

Investigators said the 70-lb. dog had been tied to a gate but broke free and ran toward the horses.

The dog could be seen in the running at the horses and appearing to nip at their legs. A man could be seen trying to chase after the dog through the herd of horses.

The sheriff's office said a nearby deputy tried to use his taser on the dog, but couldn't use it without potentially tasing the horse.

"For the safety of the horses, their riders and the crowd of pedestrians, a deputy ultimately fires one shot, hitting the dog to end the attack," the sheriff's office said. "The dog ultimately died from its injuries at the scene."

Deputies held the dog's owner under the Baker Act after they said he made threatening statements to harm deputies and himself. Investigators said a knife was found in the man's pocket.

The incident is under investigation.


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