War came to their homes again:WW II Day of Remembrance and Mourning in DPR

"My heart and soul were trembling, from being terrified. Awaiting for an explosion. I'd be lucky to get killed. Better then mutilated! I am handicapped already, what would I do then?" - 84 years old resident of Signalnoe (Donetsk Republic) is telling through tears.
Signalnoe settlement is pretty close to the front and is constantly under Ukrainian shelling. Among residents, there are so-called "children of the war". They still remember World War II (Great Patriotic war). It's horrible that helpless old people have to live through shelling and demolition once again in their life.
Today, on June 22nd (Day of Remembrance and Mourning) they are harking back to their childhood and World War II. Turns out that current warfare in Donetsk Republic is much more scary than World War II.


By: Donbass Rose (376.30)

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Location: Signalnoe, Donetsk Oblast