Putinbots fall for fake cash pile - Spanish artwork

Twice shared on LL already, And spread by media in Russia and Cameroon (what's the difference?). The media outlets in the countries originally stated it was a Russian or Cameroonian oligarch trying to burn billions before cops got there. Then fiction writer, JiminyCricket (real nickname obscured), posted it on LL claiming it was a Ukrainian Oligarch and couldn't tell the difference between Euros and Hryvnas... or the exchange rate for that matter.

Just as with all good hoaxes targeted at idiots. This was a fake.

It's an art installation called "European Dream" by a Spanish artist, Alejandro Monge (nicknamed "mong"). More details at the source link.
SOURCE: https://observers.france24.com/en/20190308-cameroon-fake-vid

Though, admittedly the art is very photo real.

It's painted Euros, Jackasson, not Hryvnas


The misrepresented video


By: AlexUkr (3646.10)

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Location: Madrid, Spain

Reported as repost