AMA w/ Vitaly "Afrikaner" Fedorov -- former Russian volunteer in East Ukraine

Some interesting stuff in here:;amp;ref_source=link

He's a Russian nationalist who fought in Donbass. His commander was the man pictured holding the teddy bear at MH17 crash site.

Some interesting Q/A's:

Q: How do you feel about the assisinations of Aleksandr Bednov and Alexei Mozgovoy yourself? Who do you think was behind them?
A: I'm sure that Kremlin is behind both assisinations

Q: Have you seen or worked with any active Russian military or government soldiers?
A: Seen - yeah, worked - nope

Q: From what you saw, how are the "separatist" forces continually being supplied?
A: Depends what time we are talking about. To summirize - until the late August of 2014 it was mostly crawdfunding in Russia and trophies (or purchases) from tha UAF. After that - from Russia.

Q: What do you see as the future of Donbass and how will the geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe stabilize over the next 20 years?
A: Well, nobody knows. I hope that the Putins regime will fall, democracy will take over in Russia and Donbass (together with the rest of Novorossya) will join Russia as well. But that doesn't seem to be very likely. More likely is that EE will finish its turn into something like Latin America in 1950-1980

Q: Why do you dislike Putin and who would you replace him with? Do you think he should be 'removed' at all costs?
A: Because he is a corrupt and weak man, who is leading us nowhere. Well, not at the cost of civil war, for example

Q: Do you feel betrayed by the Kremlin for not supporting reunification with Russia, and instead using the republics as leverage inside Ukraine?
A: I do.

Q: Do you realize that people like you were used for Putin's dirty business in Ukraine?
A: I do.


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