99.5% of Federal Government Secrets Should be Declassified

My friends and others at LiveLeak, we can change history by voting to end most government secrecy. Sneaking up on Bin Ladin, we needed to keep a few secrets. 99.5% of US government and military secrets should be put into the public domain. I worked for the US government, state government, and in the private sector. Secrets in government are super poison. Government people rely on them to hold power.

We can change the balance of power immensely for the better by driving out government secrecy. If we elect a congress and President committed to this principle, it would be one of the great achievements in history. With the internet, we can prevail. We already have. We stopped the bombing of Syria a few weeks ago. We did it by demanding the revelation of intelligence that would have been concealed from the public until after the bombing, had it not been for the internet.

There was Arab Spring. We can have a peaceful American Spring by the simple act of voting into power only candidates committed to the radical shift I am talking about. As unlikely as this would seem, there is a possibility that everyone except a tiny minority welcomes open government. If the mass of people who prefer open government assert ourselves, the secret keepers will be exposed and voted out. It is as simple as that.

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