Canadian company plans to deliver to Ukraine 100 thousand assault rifles

Colt Canada of Ontario, Canada, plans to enter into an agreement with Ukraine to supply 100,000 new assault rifles.

This is reported by the Voice of America with reference to the National Post. According to the report, in January Alex Payne, manager of Colt Canada, held a "fact-finding meeting" with representatives of the government of Ukraine. This is only the beginning of the process, which can last up to two years, because Ukraine must determine what type of weapons it needs and where it is best to get it, Payne said.

"I am convinced that we need to do a lot to unequivocally say whether there are opportunities for Colt Canada in Ukraine," Payne said in a Postmedia commentary.

In December, the Government of Canada amended the export rules, allowing the sale of assault rifles and small arms to Ukraine.

Payne noted that Colt Canada hopes to hold a demonstration of weapons in Ukraine in the summer.


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