Pro-Russia Cossack Cadets Corp - Betrayed by Russia

-In Ukraine, Cossacks of Crimea have had their Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps since 2004. This is basically a private boarding school that produced new generations of Cossacks.

-In 2014, Cossacks of Crimea actively helped Russian occupants to annex the Ukrainian peninsula.

-In 2014-2015, young Cossacks started to swear to their “new homeland”.

-In May 2016, Russian occupation government is... closing the Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps.

-This has triggered protests of the fooled Cossacks who cannot understand why Russia, which they helped so much by betraying Ukraine, is treating them so badly.

However, what they didn’t realize is that in their “new homeland” no one can protest without government’s approval.



By: JayStreak (776.00)

Tags: cossack, russia, putin, school, crimea, fooled, used

Location: Nigeria