My 420 Day Arrest

This is my first liveleak upload

Here is my story:

I just picked up some food and was driving to my friends to celebrate 420. There was a cop car parked on a residential road. I gave him the middle finger and as i did he saw me do it. I took the next right into the apartment complex and parked in my friends parking lot spot. Got out of the car to go inside the house. However a few seconds after I got out the cop pulled up beside me. I placed my food on my roof approached the cop car. He rolled down the passenger window and asked if I fingered him. I answered yes I did, It's freedom of speech and I don't like what you represent. He then asked several times to provide him id . I refused each time. He then reversed onto the middle of the road and boxed my car in. As he did this I managed to open my recording camera on my phone. This is where the video starts. Note he doesn't realize I am recording until I tell him and point the phone at his face. After this he arrests me . He asked me a few times to show id before this and i refused. Also at 20 seconds when I ask him why I need to show id he clearly hesitates and lies by saying he thought I was under distress. Clearly he knew I wasn't since he asked if I fingered him. He didn't read my rights after arresting me which is not illegal but he did interogate me because he asked if I had weapons or guns. Also turned out my license was expired and he gave me a go to court ticket. Pretty sure the ticket isn't much. Around a few hundred but should I plead not guilty?
Feel free to hate on me
Anyways happy 420