Laser Cutting of HSS6.625x0.500 for the Wilshire Grand Skylight....Coming to a Los Angeles Near You

I am a structural steel detailer. Over the past 17 years I have work on many projects that have involved pipe and round hollow sections (HSS). Some projects are very bollards and stair rails, and others a bit more complicated, such as architecturally exposed features and skylights. The methods used in detailing the shop assembly drawings and the small part drawings that the shop will use during fabrication is always changing. Partly due to every shop having certain ways they like to do things and also because of newer (and often very expensive) technologies being utilized....both in the office and on the floor.

My current project is a skylight that will be installed in the Wilshire Grand Hotel in L.A.
I have not done an exact count....but it is some where around 2000 individual parts, each requiring specific end cuts.

A couple of days ago I went to see how a certain sub did their pipe cutting. I needed to see how they may or may not be able to simplify the process. The machine that they have been using for nearly 6 months laser cuts the pipe ends based on the files that I export from my 3d model in .stp format. Their software will read ever weld prep, hole, and scribe line that I indicate in the model. When the part comes out the other end of the machine it is 100% complete and ready for installation.

What use to take an hour +/- per part now only takes approx. 12 minutes in the shop.
Most importantly......It is a Freak'N Laser!!

Good day all!


By: Chuppacobra (1724.40)

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