JRStress in Action Part 7

It's been a minute since the last "JRStress In Action" video. I mean, come on, with the "Stress On Patrol" series blowing up on LL, as well as the "Raccoon Vs. Pitbull" installments, not to mention the first episode of "Rolling With JR", "Survivor Man" and the legend of "Nostradumbass", all the action has been taking place behind the scenes.

But now, JR returns... in action, ripping off fenders, moldings, giving out shouts, shadow boxing, showering himself in lacquer thinner, giving out more shouts, talking junk, putting fenders back on...

The action starts now...
- video encodings still in process -


By: jrstress91 (445.62)

Tags: yoursay, auto repair, fenders, gorilla tactics, shouts out

Location: Oakland, United States