Feminism Taking Over The West

Feminists have long campaigned for quotas in positions of power based on the idea that not enough women reach such positions because of sexism. According to the official stance of feminists, to have 'equality' equal numbers of men and women need to be in high places....

This feminist 'theory' of inequality is a bit contradictory in that it only applies to top fields where women are in a minority. It doesn't for example concern itself with jobs like waste disposal which is a profession mostly dominated by men. Nor does it concern itself with top areas where women are a majority like universities for example. Inequality in numbers at universities is seen as a positive thing by feminists, whilst in politics feminism considers the 'unequal' numbers as an indicator of sexism. These contradictions are indicative of the intentions behind the ideology that is feminism.....which is the pursuit of power, not equality.....

This is evidenced by what has happened and is still happening in the west over the past ten years where feminists/women now hold more than their equal share of high positions.

In the UK now all major party leaders are women, with the exception of one, namely, the Labour Party leader. This one remaining male major political party leader has over the past couple of months had a huge war waged against him in the media and his position is now being contested. Those contesting his position? all women.

The current prime minister in the UK, David Cameron, was also replaced by a woman. A hardcore feminist going by the name of Theresa May and British feminists are elated by this. Feminists like The Telegraph journalist Radhika Sangani celebrating Theresa May as 'the most feminist Prime Minster ever! Radhika Sangani is that feminist well known on the internet for her 'Air-Conditioning is sexist' campaign. These people are now ruling over the UK. (www.liveleak.com/view?i=736_1454188746)

(Current Prime Minister of the UK)

It doesn't stop there. Most of the major party leaders of Scotland are now women too and feminists at that. Recently these women had caused a slight controversy in that country in a live debate where they huddled around each other and gave each other a group hug whilst ignoring the men and walking out.....an example of what feminism stands for.

There is a Huge change happening across the west. Feminism is literally taking over. Feminism is not about equality as it is defined by the Oxford dictionary but rather how it is defined by feminism. Equality in feminism is about women taking the reigns of power. it is a sexist movement with a sexist ideology the intentions of which can perhaps be best described by the words of the ex-UK minister of equality, a feminist MP going by the name of Lynne Featherstone:

“I have always gone out and advocated to women you must get your hands on levers, you must get hold of power, you must be where decisions are made.....Because otherwise if you leave it to – I’m going to say men in this case....because that’s the way the world has worked – you get terrible decisions.....Look at the mess the world is in, and look who has been in charge. I leave it there.”

Lynne Featherstone - voted 'The Most Fanciable MP' by Sky News for 2009.

Lynne is famously known in the UK for her sexist remarks against men. That did not put the government in that country off giving her the job of Minister of equality. You can imagine the the damage that this woman caused to men during her reign in this post which in the UK is strictly reserved for women.

Feminist MP mocking application to debate men's issues in the house of commons in the UK.

These changes are not restricted to the UK alone. Justin Trudeau has become the first feminist Prime Minister of Canada where he is enacting feminist ideology. In Norway and Sweden Feminist Initiative a feminist extremist political party has had their first MEP elected into the EU parliament and If things carry on the way they are now the USA will have its first feminist president shortly.

Furthermore, These changes have not been restricted to politics but media also. Media in the west has changed dramatically over the past five years. Men have literally become sidelined in everything, women taking the forefront with the latest example being the recent Ghost Busters Movie where the male characters were replaced by women and the female secretary replaced by a man who throughout the film pretends to be a helpless idiot. If you tell a person that they are a helpless dependent idiot long enough they will believe it.

This ideology is extremely damaging. It has now taken the reigns of control over the most powerful countries in the world.

I have not really done this issue justice but I think I have written a lot.

Men need to wake up before it is too late....A war is being waged against you. Wake up! You have no choice but to fight back.


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