Homeowners duct tapes intruder until police arrive

A New Mexico homeowner caught a burglar breaking into his home and, with the help of a neighbor, restrained the suspect with duct tape until police arrived.
In the security video, Mark Thompson is seen casually walking around the house Sunday afternoon, putting on a jacket, and even turning on the TV.
At one point, he grabs a beer from the fridge. The homeowner got an alert that there was movement in his home.
Neighbors went into the home with two of the loaded weapons. they announced himself to the perpetrator saying, ‘I have a loaded weapon, get down on your hands and knees,'His arms and his feet duct taped. Then we picked him up, carried him out to the front yard and waited for the police to show up.


By: stainless111 (4438.30)

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Location: Albuquerque, United States