Ukraine: The Creation of the "United Left Opposition"

Eat this, commie haters:

The Communist Party (Petro Symonenko), Progressive Socialist Party (Natalia
Vitrenko), the Worker's Party (Svyatoslav Bondarchuk), Leninsky
Komsomol of Ukraine, and the Union of Soviet officers signed an
agreement to merge.

The Constituent Assembly to create the All-Ukrainian public association of
the left and center-left parties and social organizations, called the
"Left Opposition", was held on June 12 in Kiev.

The memorandum, signed by the parties, creates a "United Left Opposition"
who will fight for the principles of democracy and social justice,
against social and national genocide of Ukrainians, against fascism, and
for the restoration of allied relations with Russia.

"Left opposition" led by Petro Symonenko and Natalia Vitrenko, the Olympic
champion Rudolf Povarnitsyn, and philosopher Georgy Kryuchkov.


The All-Ukrainian movement of the left and center-left political parties and public organizations is the "left opposition"

The course of domestic and foreign policy, which is held in Ukraine,
especially after the February (2014) coup, leads our country to the loss
of state sovereignty, division and fratricidal civil war, economic
collapse, social and ethnic genocide that threatens the collapse of
Ukraine, and is being used by external forces to provoke WWIII.

The signing of the association agreement with the European Union, and
dutifully carrying out the draconian requirements of the International
Monetary Fund, Ukraine has lost its economic and political independence.
She actually is under external control. Its internal and external
policies are defined by the United States, and the international
financial oligarchy.

Implementing the so-called reforms under the bankrupt model of peripheral neoliberal
capitalism, abandoning integration with the countries of the Customs
Union, Ukraine condemned itself to de-industrialization, the seizure of
public property by oligarchic clans, which was built by several
generations by Soviet people, and the loss of millions of jobs, poverty
and extinction of the population. Now the gross domestic product of
Ukraine does not even reach 60% of the 1990 level.

Destroyed is the domestic industry, destroyed is its leading export-oriented
industry. The financial system of the country has been brought to
default. Over-exploitation of the labor force, skill-sets among the
highest in the world and yet pay at the level of the poorest African
countries. Health services and education are virtually inaccessible for
the majority of the population.

The course of building mono-national state, the national-chauvinist
imposition of that ideology has led to a total violation of the
Constitution of Ukraine, the rules and principles of international law,
mass population discrimination on the basis of linguistic, national,
regional, confessional, grounds. The Ukrainian state has been unable to
reliably protect the legal rights, lives and safety of its citizens.

Adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with gross violations of the
constitutional procedure and the introduction of the Law "On the
condemnation of the Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian
regimes in Ukraine and prohibition of propaganda of their symbols", "On
the legal status and the memory of fighters for Ukrainian independence
in the twentieth century" "On perpetuation of victory over the Nazis in
World War II, 1939-1945." "On access to the archives of the repressive
organs of the communist totalitarian regime's 1917-1991" - is not only a
reflection of the totalitarian nature of the ruling regime now in
Ukraine, but also cynical falsification History and revisionism of the
decisions of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal.

It is a challenge to the world community. Starting with the violation of
the Constitution through censorship, manipulation of public
consciousness, intimidation and persecution of dissidents, the
persecution of the canonical Orthodox Church, anti-constitutional ban on
political parties, persecution and physical violence with ideological
and political opponents, and of course, the extremely dangerous
violations of generally accepted standards and norms in the civilized world of democracy, deprivation of the people of Ukraine to free expression.

In these circumstances, we, the representatives of opposition political
parties and public organizations claiming to unite our efforts within
the movement "Left Opposition" in order to save UKRAINE AND
PROTECT HUMANITY our compatriots for peace, prosperity and security in
the country, freedom of speech and belief, fair trial, truly democratic
elections, building social justice, democracy, the rule of law.

We will seek above all an immediate end to the bloodshed in the east of
the country, the peaceful settlement of the conflict based on the steady
performance of the Minsk Agreement and the decentralization of power.

We believe that to ensure a lasting peace in Ukraine and bring it out of a
deep, all-encompassing crisis and back into the circle of the advanced
countries of the continent is impossible without the restoration of
good-neighborly, equal and mutually beneficial relations with the
Russian Federation and Belarus.

It is with them, unlike the US and EU countries, whom we share a common
history, culture, spirituality, civilizational values. History has
proven that the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine was
stored only in the unity of our countries and brotherly peoples.

We believe that to stop social genocide, stop the destruction of the
national economy, is impossible without abandoning the neo-liberal
course presently held under the dictates of the West.

We advocate for the implementation of the new industrialization of Ukraine
on the basis of modern technological innovation, drawing on domestic
intelligence, human, natural and technological resources. Our
alternative to neo-liberalism is a socio-economic model based on
principles of social justice and democracy.

We stand FIRMLY for a domestic and foreign policy in accordance with the
principles of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine to
guarantee its non-aligned (neutral) status; Inter-ethnic relations based
on the principles of international law and the provisions of the
Declaration of Rights of Nationalities of Ukraine; STATUS OF RUSSIAN
language as the second official language.

We oppose the humiliation and betrayal of the military and labor feats of
our fathers and grandfathers who beat the fascist invaders in World War
II, and the victorious labor undertaken to revive our homeland from the
ruins, and hold it as it was in the Soviet era to the heights of world
economic, scientific and spiritual progress. We are categorically
against the insertion in the country of neo-Nazism, rehabilitation and
glorification of Nazi accomplices and invaders.

We call on the political parties, public organizations, and for the FATE OF THE HOMELAND all
those who share our assessment of the modern political and
socio-economic situation and put forward in the manifesto our OBJECTIVES

- Join the patriotic movement "Left Opposition".
Adopted at the founding meeting of the

"Left Opposition"

12.06.2015, Kiev