Shocking Racist Attack On White British Lad And Girlfriend In Taiwan.

A horrendous video has emerged online of two holidaymakers facing racial abuse from a complete and utter stranger on a train in Taiwan… and it’s pretty brutal.

White British man Christopher Raymond Hall and his Asian partner faced a barrage of horrific racist abuse from a local man – which lasted several minutes – called his girlfriend a ‘whore’ and a ‘foreign scrounger’.
As the unprovoked verbal attack escalated, his partner captured the ordeal on her smartphone. The abuse directed at them both seemed to come about after the man had an issue with Chris having a Taiwanese girlfriend.

He goes on to say: “Look at you, this kind of whore, with this piece of trash foreigner. I’ll remember your face. The whole of Taiwan despises you, you fucking whore.”

But the abuse doesn’t end there… he carries on hurling more insults.
He adds: ‘Just looking at you makes me sick. You are so ugly. You crap person. All you can do is trick bitches. You are nothing.’ But as Chris tries to reason with the guy it just seems to get a whole lot worse.

‘You better be careful. Careful other people don’t go and find you. A lot of people look at you and feel repulsed. The whole of Taiwan are repulsed by you. You foreigners are scroungers, human waste.’
Despite Chris’s threats that he would post the footage online, the stranger seemed undeterred and simply carries on. The video was only posted to Chris’ YouTube channel yesterday, but the clip has gone viral and been viewed over a million times.

Since the incident the Taiwanese man has been cautioned for pushing Chris, according to China Television Co.