For the Cucks and Millennials.

Well, it's been a while ladies. Just too busy with work to post anything. Found this little morsel of sanity while I was on Porn Hub. ;) Watch the whole thing if you're interested in watching sawyer's and the transformation of a log, but the message comes in around 13:30 and worth a watch until the end. After settling into woodworking and cabinetry, I found this vid enjoyable, as a normal human being I appreciated this guy's attitude.

poll: What's wrong with Millennieals?

On the teat past 5 years old
On the teat permanently
Hit head on telephone pole while texting repeatedly
Never left the basement
Never spoken to someone face to face
Get facts from Google
Lazy-ass parents
You knew it was coming......all of the above.


By: Rod Burgundy (2045.50)

Tags: Get, a, life, cunt, et, al, spalted, burled, figured, Maple, real, people