Germany: Refugee rape camps. Sex attacks every day.

Refugee women are forced to become €10-a-time prostitutes at German asylum camps.

Sex attacks are now said to be an 'everyday event' while in one state alone there are understood to have been 100 cases of violence in just the last three months.

At one migrant centre in the town of Kitzingen, officials are now only employing male cleaning staff after a female employee was allegedly sexually assaulted every day for ten days.

Germany – which is braced for around one million asylum seekers this
year – has seen a spike in violence at registration centres in recent
weeks as conditions deteriorate and tempers boil over.

Rainer Wendt, of the German Police Trade Union, told one German news channel: 'In politics, it is frequently portrayed as being a squabble over food or the (unfair) amount of clothing being handed out, but it is not so.

'We must enter time and again with a strong show of force.