truck cam catches the wreck. don't see this everyday.

a big rig wreck on West Bound I-80 coming down the last hill just outside Colfax , California (about 45 miles east of Sacramento , Ca). If you look close, just after the beginning about when the pick-up truck goes by, you'll see in the upper right the big flashing light sign that Cal Trans had installed to warn truck drivers of curve. The camera that recorded the wreck was mounted inside a Wal-Mart truck that was going 50 MPH. The wreck killed the driver and a passenger driver in the sleeper. The day the wreck occurred they didn't get all the wreckage up from over the bank so they didn't know about the second driver. It was the next day, when the log book was reviewed, it was discovered there were two in the cab. Then they went back out to the scene and poked around under the remains of the truck then found the second body.