In light of recent events..... A poll. NO VIDEO!!!!!!!

I shared a few beers with some friends this evening and the recent bombings came up in conversation.The reason for my poll is simple. There were 5 of us, 3 white, 1 Indian and one black dude. We're all well educated yet I was shocked at how angry everyone around me was. Rather than become desensitised, people are really starting to get pissed. Where the fuck is this going to end because the way I see it, something is going to give very soon. I feel like cannon fodder just going to work and notice every little change in my life due to terrorism. Honest hard working people don't stand a chance between the rich fucks, the terrorists and the stealing bastards.

This is purely for my own curiosity.


By: Mootle (10535.50)

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Location: United Kingdom