Anna News: ' Assault From The South. Part 7. '

00:42: We are going through the Private Sector in the direction of the crossroads, where the tanks have just attacked, It is a normal scene in the Syrian Arab Army an officer helping a ordinary Soldier transfer goods. The Barrel is needed to create a barracade on the crossroads to secure the approch for reinforcments to arrive.

01:19: The tank is being fired upon by the militants, so again it returns the favor.

01:34: All these tunnels through these many houses were made by the militants, to move from position to position when attacking, now we are all busy constructing the position, but the threat to us here is homemade mortors and home made explosives, weighing up to 500 kg.

02:01: Tanks again are sent to their positions to continue the attack.

02:40: I'm heading over to the officer, adjusting a gift to the king!

02:56: They (Tanks) move to within 180 meters of the skyscrapers, from here they can be hit, without the threat of an anti tank guided missile.

03:20: We went forward, the officer himself assesed the situation, and decided to use the self propelled artillery, It is an important hit, in order to accelerate the effectivness of the attack, near the red house fire was high from there,* untranslated*.

04:09: first shot of the Private Sector, adjacent the skyscrapers are the foreign backed militants.

04:27: Moreover it is a comfortable position, for the ATGM to not be able to hit the side of the tank, he will turn right when moving.

04:43 In oder to deliver in this attack, the big guns fire are the militants,

05:01: Soldier: " Seeing what is at the position now, fire at the coordinates understand?"

05:12: Coming to the crosroads the tank begins to take aim......soldiers are in the houses near by engaging in street fighting.

05:32: Soldier: " Get ready for the next, same position, again! " Andrey: They are now gone on vaccation !

06:00: The first tank has hit the posiyion, and now moves to houses opposite the road, to control the high-rise it needs to be hit with a number of tank rounds.

06:24: Now the tanks split the posiotns on the militants, and the infantry take aim on them, to complete the taskthey bypass the tanks.

07:05 On the road there are shots coming from the high-rise buildings, the tanks do there best to extinguish this.

07:29 Infantry now move in slowly, and aim to take out the militants in the high-rise.

08:21: Andrey Filatov, Victor Kuznetsov, Anna News, Damasc, Syria "