Ex-Thai PM's Wife Gets 3 Years For Fraud.

The wife of Thailand's former PM Thaksin Shinawatra has been sentenced to three years in jail for tax fraud.
Case one: Abuse of power related to purchase of state land by his wife. Who: Thaksin and his wife. Status: Trial underway
Case two: Abuse of power linked to government lottery scheme. Who: Thaksin and several former Cabinet ministers. Status: Case accepted by Supreme Court
Case three: Abuse of power related to state loan to Burma alleged to have benefited family business. Who: Thaksin. Status: Case accepted by Supreme Court
Case four: Concealing assets. Who: Thaksin, wife and two others. Status: Awaiting court decision on proceeding to trial
Case five: Tax evasion. Who: Members of Thaksin's family. Status: Pojaman Shinawatra and her brother jailed for three years, her secretary for two years
Several other claims also lodged
Pojaman Shinawatra was granted bail by a Bangkok court in the first of several cases against the former first family.

Her brother and secretary were also found guilty of evading tax of 546m baht ($16.3m) in a 1997 shares transfer in the family telecoms business.

The ex-PM himself, deposed in a 2006 coup, is being tried in the Supreme Court for alleged corruption.