Conan vs. The Lizard King and the Reptilian Shapeshifters New World Order Cartoon.

Posted just for 4341Marine after the Quoted comment by 4341Marine: Great post! I can see by the tags that the New World Order's Secret Societies, taking orders from the Illuminati on 9/11 ordered the WTC destroyed under the guise of War Games. Those shady Anti Jesus Christ, Satan Devil worshipping, Knights Templars cashed in big with their Banking Conspiracy, and laundered the money through a Reptile farm where Dragons and Serpents are being raised to attack the Population and cause mass Extermination. Those 666 militia wackos will captialize on the ensuing chaos and break out their massed Weapons for a new Genocide of the Jews. Find out the conclusion to our exciting tale in Neverknown's next riveting post!